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Proper oral care isn’t just about having a beautiful and healthy smile. Recent research has found that there are over 100 medical conditions that can be detected in the early stages by a dentist. A high number of overall health conditions can have oral symptoms, such as ulcers, dry mouth, swollen or bleeding gums, and bad breath.  What is certain is that the condition of your oral health is closely related to your overall physical health.

Visiting Dr. Lowery  regularly can help you maintain your oral and overall health. We focus on dental health, and its complex and important interaction with your overall health and well-being.

By taking good care of your teeth and treating any dental problems that may occur, you can keep your mouth healthy and contribute to your overall health.  We consider your overall health with each and every oral health recommendation.

Learn more about the connection between health conditions and oral health below.


People with diabetes are more susceptible to the development of gum disease and tooth loss. Diabetes can slow the healing process and lower resistance to infections, including oral infections. Infections in your mouth can contribute to low-grade inflammation throughout the body, affecting sugar-processing abilities.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that people with moderate or advanced gum disease are more likely to have heart disease than those with healthy gums.


If you are missing some or all of your teeth, or have lost significant amounts of bone and tissue around your teeth, you may be at an increased risk of stroke.  Also, those with severe periodontitis are at risk of developing atherosclerotic plaques, which can cause strokes.


Oral cancer screening is a very important element to all of our hygiene appointments because early detection is critical, If a sore/growth/lump is found in the mouth and doesn’t disappear within two weeks, come in and have it evaluated by Dr. Lowery.  Oral cancer screenings help to eliminate the risks of developing more serious oral health conditions. Carcinogens found in tobacco products, alcohol and certain foods, as well as sexual activitiy have proven to be an increased risk of developing oral cancer.  Oral cancer typically is found on the lips, tongue, gums, inner lining of the mouth, jaw or upper throat area.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Inflammation due to chronic periodontal disease quadruples your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.  The bacteria associated with chronic periodontal disease can trigger immune system responses, causing the release of chemicals that can kill neurons.

Pregnancy Complications

Research shows that women who have periodontal disease have an increased risk of delivering pre-term and low birth weight babies. Gum infections stem from fluctuating hormone levels that come with pregnancy. Pregnant women who are also diabetic are more prone to gum inflammation and more severe gum disease.

doTERRA Essential Oils

Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge is now expanding our use of essential oils in our practice. Essentials oils are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.  If properly extracted, essential oils have the unique ability to benefit people in all areas of life including health-care practices. We have chosen doTERRA oils because they are the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils produced. We are excited to be utilizing the amazing benefits of doTERRA Essential Oils to:

  • Create a more relaxing environment
  • Reduce anxiety during dental procedures
  • Improve the quality of the air
  • Create a more comfortable dental experience
  • Offer ways to use various essential oils to improve your oral health

We look forward to customizing your dental experience and health with doTERRA Essential Oils! A basic Essential Oil Class is also given every couple of months.  Check our website for the next date.  Pre-registration is required.

Airwaves/Breathing Dysfunction

Our team provides a uniquely thorough and holistic medical approach to maximize your dental and physical health.  Our expert care will establish and maintain the health and beauty you desire for a lifetime.  As part of this holistic approach, we evaluate your overall health which starts with the most important element you cannot live without: oxygen!  We help diagnose and treat breathing disorders and apnea which goes untreated in millions of Americans.  Obstructive breathing disorders and apnea which goes untreated in millions of Americans.  Obstructive breathing disorders are often responsible for ADHD, depression, gastric reflux, diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, allergies, insomnia, TMJ and numerous other health disorders.

Dentistry’s role starts at birth with the evaluation of tongue posturing, feeding, and cosmetic alterations and implant and prosthetic specialties to provide naturally beautiful smiles reflective of superior overall health.

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