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In-Network vs Out-of-Network Dental Insurance

Sometimes we are asked by a patient why Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge is not in their dental insurance network.

Dr. Lowery has researched a variety of dental insurance networks only to find that the reimbursement of his services that he provides for you from these plans is often 30 – 50% lower than our current fees.

The mission of Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge is to provide for our patients comprehensive, individualized dental care in an environment of friendship, honesty, and integrity. Through technical excellence and skillful judgment, we endeavor to achieve optimal oral health, function, comfort, stability, and esthetics for patients who appreciate our best efforts.

Being in a dental network restricts our ability to provide superior, comprehensive, individualized dental care for our patients. To be able to meet our costs we would have to reduce the quality of these services – lower quality products that are used on you, lower quality infection control products and standards, lower quality dental labs (that design and construct your crowns/bridges/dentures); minimal time for continuing education to increase our knowledge and skills.

Dental insurance is a financial contract between the patient and the insurance company. They will reimburse for specific services and have a set fee schedule.  Their concern is NOT for what is best for your oral and overall health but ONLY what is outlined in the contract. We will continue to do our best in working with your dental insurance company to help you maximize your dental benefits.

At Beyond Smiles of Park Ridge we take the time to truly care about YOU and your health!

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