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Sleep Apnea Dentist in Park Ridge

If you, or the person you sleep next to, suffers from sleep apnea in Park Ridge, you may not be getting the high-quality sleep you need to function properly and remain healthy. When you suffer from sleep apnea, your breathing stops frequently throughout the night. This can be caused by various health issues, including genetics, poor sleeping posture, allergies, enlarged tongue, tonsils, or adenoids, and being overweight.

Breathing is essential to life – facilitating the intake of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide. When you are not taking in enough oxygen, you may experience light-headedness, dizziness, and shortness of breath. If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may stop breathing hundreds of times each night. This continual lack of oxygen can put substantial strain on your vital organs including your heart, lungs, and kidneys – which may cause additional health problems and take years off your life.

What Causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

The physical cause of sleep apnea is any blockage of a person’s airway that occurs when they lie down to sleep. This obstruction can be caused by a variety of things, ranging from fat deposits in the neck and throat from being overweight, to poor sleeping position. The blocked airway often results in snoring due to the patient struggling to breathe. Sleep apnea can also be caused by the brain not sending the signals needed to breathe (sometimes referred to as central sleep apnea), which is often due to a spinal column deformity or injury.

Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

There are several symptoms that might indicate you are suffering from sleep apnea in Park Ridge. If your partner tells you that you snore loudly throughout the night, or stop breathing while you are sleeping, or if you wake up suddenly gasping or choking, you may be suffering from sleep apnea.

Other indications are feeling tired or out of breath when you wake up, feeling sleepy during the day – no matter how much sleep you get, and morning headaches. If you demonstrate any of these symptoms on a regular basis, we recommend seeking a professional evaluation.

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options for those who suffer from sleep apnea, but one of the simplest and most effective is a custom-made dental device that can be used to alleviate this condition. The device is used to slightly separate and reposition the upper and lower jaw, pushing them a bit forward. This can open the airway, allowing oxygen to flow freely, providing a restful night’s sleep.

Millions of Americans suffer with untreated, obstructive breathing disorders, including sleep apnea. These conditions often contribute to the development of depression, ADHD, diabetes, gastric reflux, strokes, heart attacks, insomnia, TMJ, and other medical disorders.

Treatment for Sleep Apnea in Park Ridge

Our team offers a thorough, holistic medical approach to help maximize your physical AND dental health. Regular evaluation, beginning in early childhood, is recommended to ensure proper oxygenation, speech, and bite function – as well as a naturally beautiful smile that’s reflective of excellent overall health. Contact our Park Ridge sleep apnea dentist for more information about treating obstructive breathing disorders using dental appliances.


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