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What Are Implant Restorations?

Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a serious dental issue that should be addressed as soon as possible. If a missing tooth is never replaced, there is every chance that complications will arise. Missing teeth can lead to speech impairment, difficulty chewing, tooth shifting, and even bone loss.

Dental implants are a tooth replacement solution available to those who have lost one or multiple teeth. A dental implant consists of a permanent anchor that is inserted into the jaw bone in place of a root. A crown is then attached to the anchor, mimicking the appearance and function of a natural tooth

Dental implants effectively eliminate the discomfort and other issues related to tooth loss. Dental implants are a dental bridge solution available to those who have lost one or multiple teeth.

Damaged teeth can lead to discomfort and infection, and should be repaired or removed to prevent future dental problems. If you have a cracked or missing tooth replaced with a dental implant, you will experience improved functionality and dental health. Dental implants are also made to look like normal teeth, so they do not alter the appearance of your smile and can actually correct it.

Before you undergo a dental implant procedure, your dentist will want to evaluate your dental health and several other factors. Things like determining adequate bone support, the health of the gum tissue, general physical health, and sinus and nerve location, will all have an impact on your dentist’s decision.

The Procedure

The procedure itself is simple, though it is usually completed in several appointments. First, the dentist will numb the surgical site with anesthesia. Then, the dentist will cut into the gum tissue and drill the anchor into the jaw bone, providing a false root for the artificial crown.

The anchor will be allowed time to bond with the jaw bone before you go in for a second appointment. This bonding process, where the bone grows around the anchor, is known as osseointegration.

Then, at your follow up appointment, something called an abutment will be placed over the anchor. This piece will help adhere the new tooth in place.

Finally, once the gum tissue has had time to heal around the connecting abutment, a permanent dental crown is placed on top of the implant and connected to the abutment.

Dental Implants Near Park Ridge

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