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Discover the Advantages of Dental Implants

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When faced with tooth loss, it’s important to consider your options for tooth replacement. There are a variety of choices available, but one treatment option outshines the rest: dental implants.

When replacing missing or damaged teeth, dental implants offer a unique set of advantages that dentures and dental bridges don’t. Below, we’ve outlined the major benefits of dental implants and several of the reasons why they’re so innovative.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants benefit patients in a variety of ways. Some of the biggest advantages include durability, natural appearance, and the longevity of these restorations. If you have missing teeth or teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay or injury, continue reading to learn how implants can improve your long term oral health.

  1. Prevent Bone Loss

Tooth loss can lead to jawbone deterioration. Your jawbone requires stimulation from teeth to maintain its density, which dental implants provide. They are the only tooth replacement option that effectively prevents bone loss.

  1. Look Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Your dentist will ensure your restorations perfectly fill the gaps left behind by missing teeth and are comparable in size. Working with your dentist, you’ll also get to customize the color of your implants so they match your adjacent teeth. This ensures they seamlessly blend in with the rest of your smile.

  1. As Durable as Natural Teeth

Dental implants are secured by a titanium post that is implanted into the jawbone. This mimics a natural tooth’s root, which allows the dental implants to withstand the same biting force as natural teeth. In contrast, other dental appliances that sit on top of the gums can’t restore total smile function.

  1. Preserve Facial Shape

Your teeth provide essential support for your facial structure. Tooth loss can result in facial sagging and jawbone atrophy, making you appear older. Dental implants offer comparable support to natural teeth, preserving your facial shape.

  1. Improve Smile Function

Missing teeth can alter your speech and impact your chewing ability. Dental implants closely mimic the feel and function of natural teeth, ensuring you can speak and eat comfortably.

  1. Cavity-Free

Dental implant posts are impervious to decay. Even dental crowns, the topmost portion of implants, can’t develop cavities and rarely require replacement.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Caring for dental implants is simple. They don’t require any special cleaning or adhesives. They only require daily brushing and flossing, just like the rest of your smile.

  1. Stay in Place

Denture wearers occasionally feel self-conscious about eating or speaking in public due to visible shifting or slipping. Dental implants eliminate these risks because they’re firmly anchored in place. Implants are also durable and stable enough to allow patients to eat their favorite foods, unlike dentures and bridges.

  1. Prevent Adjacent Teeth From Shifting

A gap left by a missing tooth can cause neighboring teeth to shift, resulting in misalignment. Dental implants prevent shifting and help you maintain a straight, healthy smile.

  1. Permanent Solution

Unlike other tooth replacement options that can require periodic repairs or replacements, dental implants are designed to last a lifetime.

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